Learning resources

We are developing a set of learning resources which focus on different aspects of the gender-media relationship. All resources will be openly accessible online.

We are using a 'thematic' approach to develop a ten-unit course although each unit is self-contained and can be taken on its own as part of an individual programme to build knowledge and awareness. Topics include: 

  • representation 
  • harassment 
  • decision-making 
  • language 
  • employment 
  • intersectionality 
  • digital technologies 
  • media policies 
  • transnational advocacy 

The primary audience for the learning resources are students but media practitioners will also find much of interest, especially in relation to supporting efforts to achieve change in the workplace. 

You will be able to choose to work through as many units as you like, going at your own pace, although the units also fit together to comprise a course which could be taken for credit. 

Each unit will contain a mix of short video presentations on key aspects of the unit theme, together with interviews with a range of experts and signposts to the Resources Bank to identify relevant good practices.

Have a look at the Online Educational Modules, have a look at the introductory unit or sign up and enrol in one of the other thematic units

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