Summer School and Internships


A significant aim of AGEMI is to build bridges between education and employment and in particular, to find ways for journalism and media students to engage with media professionals and organisations who use media to promote gender equality. Although students will often have the opportunity to intern with an organisation as part of their degree programme, the difference with AGEMI is that our internships are specifically focused on encouraging students to get involved in gender equality activities with their intern host.  This was also one of the criteria for hosts to participate in AGEMI. A total of 25 students took advantage of an opportunity to work with a range of media professionals in formal newsrooms and media houses, but also with advocacy, activist and women-focused NGOs. We are immensely grateful to all our intern hosts who provided a fantastic opportunity to our students: 

BBC, England; COPEAM, Italy; DJV, Germany; European Federation of Journalists, Belgium; European Women’s Audio Visual Network, France; European Women’s Lobby, Belgium; International Federation of Actors, Belgium; Johnston Press, Northern Ireland and England; Kvinna til Kvinna, Sweden; Osservatorio de Pavia, Italy; Radio Tyneside, England; RAI, Italy; RTBF, Belgium; SVT, Sweden; Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, Sweden; University of Padova, Italy.

As part of their intern experience, each student was asked to produce a short film based on their experience and you can see some of their films here.



Gothenburg University's Department of Journalism, Media and Communication hosted the Summer School in August 2018 and 30 students from Newcastle University, University of Padova and JMG/University of Gothenburg participated, as well as a number of media professionals, including:

Maria Brändström (Sveriges Television - Swedish public service broadcaster), Erica Hedin, former diversity officer (Sveriges Radio, Swedish public service broadcaster), Claire Kendall (BBC), Safia Kessas (RTBF – Belgian public service broadcaster), Gunilla Ivarsson (former chair of IAWRT - International Association of Women in Radio and TV), Suzanne Moll (independent consultant) and Luisella Serviso and Giovanna Pezzuoli (Gi.U.Li.A, network of Italian women journalists).

The purpose of the AGEMI summer school was to raise awareness of the problems of gender in/equality, to share ideas and experiences among and between students and media professionals and to consider a range of good practices which have been developed by media organisations to promote gender equality.  

During the week, participants worked through some of the learning resources, developed a range of practical skills including mobile journalism (mojo), learnt from each other and from the media professionals who also attended and generally had a brilliant time.  

The Summer School students' blog is here.

Check out the photogallery to see some of the highlights of the week:

AGEMI Summer School
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