The AGEMI team would like to thank all those individuals and organizations who have supported our ambitions and contributed their knowledge to the development of the project and the platform. 

In particular we would like to thank everyone who contribute a good practice which is now part of the Resources Bank and everyone who suggested the name of an organization working to promote gender equality in the media, which now shows on the GEMap

And thanks to the students from the Universities of Newcastle, Padova and Gothenburg who enthusiastically participated in the Summer School and Internship Programmes and contributed important insights to the project’s development, from their own unique perspectives (see list below). 

Our thanks also go to those individuals, activists, policy-makers, media professionals and emerging scholars who participated in or contributed to the various events we held including: 

  • Asha Allen, European Women’s’ Lobby, Belgium
  • Blandine Mollard, European Institute for Gender Equality, Lithuania 
  • Caterina Bolognese, Gender Equality Division, Council of Europe
  • Cécile Gréboval, Gender Equality Division, Council of Europe
  • Claire Kendall, BBC, UK 
  • Erica Hedin, SVR (Swedish Radio)
  • Giovanna Pezzuoli and Luisella Seveso, GiULiA giornaliste, Italy
  • Gunilla Ivarsson, journalist and former chair of IAWRT (the International Association of Women in Radio and Television) 
  • Maria Brändström, SVT (Swedish Television) 
  • Martine Bentsen, PhD student, Roskilde University 
  • Martine Simonsis, AJP, Belgium
  • Michaela Šojdrová, MEP 
  • Safia Kessas, RTBF (Belgian PDS) 
  • Sara de Vuyst, Post-doc researcher, Ghent University 
  • Suzanne Moll, independent media consultant 
  • Taliá Olvera Martínez, PhD student, the Sorbonne 
  • Victoria Leroy, DG CONNECT, European Commission

And thanks to members of our different academic communities and advocacy networks including: 

  • Association of Journalism Education, UK
  • European Communication for Research and Education Association (ECREA) 
  • Global Alliance for Media and Gender, UNESCO
  • International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 
  • UNESCO University Network on Gender media and ICT (UNITWiN) 

We would also like to thank our own institutions and organizations for their support, and the amazing teams that have worked with us at: 

Finally, we would like to thank the European Commission for co-funding this project, and our Project Officers at the Commission who provided friendly and helpful support, Jutta Dittrich and Angeelika Rooden. 

List of all the students who participated in Summer School and Internship Programmes

Talía Olvera Martinéz Sorbonne University France
Martine BentsenUniversity of Gothenburg/RoskildeDenmark
Aude StheneurUniversity of PadovaItaly
Auria MaurasUniversity of PadovaItaly
Barbara SantibanezUniversity of PadovaItaly
Desy BompieriUniversity of PadovaItaly
Eleonora BortolameiUniversity of PadovaItaly
Emmanuelle AbeléUniversity of PadovaItaly
Laora Villarino i JuberiasUniversity of PadovaItaly
Marta RighiniUniversity of PadovaItaly
Naila PratelliUniversity of PadovaItaly
Pedro AstiUniversity of PadovaItaly
Elsa HenriksdotterUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Emilia SöderholmUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Emilie WahlströmUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Erika KrusellUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Frida GranströmUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Hilma LundwallUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Lovisa HeroldUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Md NabilUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Richard LagerströmUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Teo KristjanssonUniversity of GothenburgSweden
Hannah BaxterUniversity of NewcastleUK
Hannah WhyteUniversity of NewcastleUK
Kate EnglishUniversity of NewcastleUK
Lucy AplinUniversity of NewcastleUK
Lydia SpeightUniversity of NewcastleUK
Natàlia Server BenetóUniversity of NewcastleUK
Oliver Ross AssognaUniversity of NewcastleUK
Priyanshi SharmaUniversity of NewcastleUK
Roxana GiurgiuUniversity of NewcastleUK
Yasmin HailesUniversity of NewcastleUK

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