Summer School

Advance your knowledge on gender equality in the media 

Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) is a EU-funded project that takes an innovative and integrated approach to combating gender stereotypes and promoting an equal, diverse and inclusive media sector. 

It has three primary elements: 

It is being developed by a group of researchers and practitioners from three universities (Newcastle, Padova, Gothenburg) and two associations of media professionals (EFJ and COPEAM). 

JMG will host a summer school open for 30 students from Newcastle University, University of Padova and JMG/University of Gothenburg. 

The purpose of the AGEMI summer school is to raise awareness of the problems of gender inequality but also to share the range of good practices which have been developed to address them. 

The course will demand some preparatory work, on-line assignments and presence in Gothenburg, August 27-31, 2018

The students will test the various units which comprise the online course and develop skills in mobile journalism that will be used in a one week internship in a European media organisation in the weeks following the summer school. 

More info to come. 

Contact person: Maria Edstrom 

For more information:

Have a look at what happened during the summer school with the following photogallery:

AGEMI Summer School in Gotheburg

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