Good practices for media gender equality

One of the core output of the AGEMI project is a Resources Bank of good practices that contribute to foster gender equality in and through the media. 

You can access the AGEMI Resources Bank in three different ways. You can visually explore the dataset surfing different types of good practice or inequality issue; search semantically for good practices through keywords; navigate the interactive map  and see where the good practices are located.

These good practices are collected from around the world so as to reflect the richness of initiative ideated by communities and organizations globally.

The collection is openly accessible to individuals and organizations committed to making gender equality a reality through institutional and cultural interventions. 

Good practices can address a number of inequality issues, such as representation and stereotypes, employment and working conditions, access to decision-making and leadership positions, access to resources and education, knowledge production and information sharing, harassment and abuse, and governance.

Good practices can be of different types, from monitoring to awareness raising initiatives, training and education (including leadership training), career development, gender equality policies and codes of conduct, advocacy websites and networking for information sharing and collaboration. 

AGEMI invites media professionals and their organizations - as well as individuals, advocates, scholars and students - to share further good practices with the AGEMI community.

You can contribute to enrich the AGEMI Resources Bank by filling in this Google Form. We aim at making this a sustainable and ever-growing collection through which gender equality transformative practices are made visible and better known across the world’s regions.

Last modified: Tuesday, 18 December 2018, 10:56 AM