Part of the AGEMI project considers the importance of providing opportunities for students to work with media professionals and organisations which focus on aspects of gender equality as a way to further consolidate the learning which takes place through more traditional educational environments. 

We therefore worked with a range of organisations who kindly provided a one-week internship to students during 2018 and 2019: the students had already participated in the AGEMI Summer School which took place in August 2018 at the University of Gothenburg.

We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the following organisations who hosted our interns and gave them a brilliant experience:

BBC (England)

COPEAM (Italy)

DGV (Germany)

European Federation of Journalists (Belgium)

European Women’s Lobby (Belgium)

International Federation of Actors (Belgium)

Johnston Press (England and Northern Ireland)

Osservatorio de Pavia (Italy)

Radio Tyneside (England)

RAI (Italy)

RTBF (Belgium)

Sveriges TV (Sweden)

Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research (Sweden)

Swedish Women’s Lobby (Sweden)

University of Padova (Italy)

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