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The core partners comprise three universities - Newcastle (lead), Padova and Gothenburg - the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and the Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM). Together, the team members bring complementary experiences, expertise and skills to the project, embodying the importance of interdisciplinary working and bridging the worlds of education and employment.

Newcastle University (UK)

Karen Ross is Professor of Gender and Media and has worked on a number of gender-media projects. She has published widely on this broad topic and has developed a particular expertise and experience in researching the relationship between gender, politics and news.


University of Padova (IT)

Claudia Padovani is a senior researcher in International Relation. She has been involved in international projects, including Mapping Global Media Policy, and conducts research on gender mainstreaming in media and ICT policies and communication governance. 


University of Gothenburg (SE)

Maria Edström is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Media & Communication (JMG). Her field of research is gender, journalism, freedom of expression and ageing.She hes been involved in several gender and media projects throught the year, both on a national, Nordic and gobal level.


European Federation of Journalists (BE)

Pamela Morinière is the EFJ gender expert as well as the International federation of Journalists’ head of Communications and campaigns. She is the author of several studies and publications on gender equality in the media and has coordinated a number of projects and campaigns to promote women’s rights in the media and gender portrayal in the news.

Conférence Permanente de l'Audiovisuel Méditerranéen (IT)

Elena Chiaberge is in charge of gender equality and communication activities within COPEAM. She designs and coordinates workshops and projects at international level focusing on gender equality in the media: women empowerment within public broadcasters, elaboration of gender-related internal policies and development of professional practices in PSM. In the same domain, she organises training and production sessions for journalists and is the focal point in COPEAM in the framework of other EU-funded projects on gender and Media.

GiULiA Network (IT)

Associate partner Gi.U.Li.A is an Italian association of women journalists working towards democracy and freedom of information, through promoting gender equality in the news media. They have professional experience and understand the specific challenges of gender stereotyping in the Italian context and will contribute to transnational exchange activities, including the summer school.



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